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Thermostats have been around as long as home heating and cooling systems, but the latest HVAC technology puts you in greater control of home comfort and efficiency than ever before. “Smart” Wi-Fi thermostats are leaps and bounds ahead of manual controllers and even offer more advanced features than regular programmable thermostats. Consider the many reasons to upgrade to a Wi-Fi thermostat.

Reduce Your Utility Bills

The most common reason people install a smart thermostat is to save money. If you program temperature setbacks while you’re away during the day and sleeping at night, you can reduce your energy costs by 10% or more. Then, thanks to automatic recovery, you’ll still arrive or wake up to a comfortable home.

Save More with Self-Learning Technology

Temperature setbacks and automatic recovery are features of programmable thermostats, but only Wi-Fi thermostats have self-learning capabilities. Geofencing, motion detectors, and learning technology allow your thermostat to modify your schedule automatically over time. The device “learns” what temperature you like and when to develop a personalized plan for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Control the Temperature from Anywhere

Another feature unique to Wi-Fi thermostats is their remote capabilities. Get off work early? Tap the app to adjust the temperature from your phone before heading home. Worried the kids are messing with the settings while you’re away? Check in on things and, if necessary, lock the control panel from your phone. Don’t want to get off the couch to change the temperature? Adjust the setting through app or by using your voice if you have a compatible smart speaker.

Enjoy Modern Interfaces

Wi-Fi thermostats make a beautiful addition to any modern home. Say goodbye to your clunky, old thermostat and hello to the sleek touch screen, backlit display, stylish temperature readout, and easy-to-navigate user interface. These features also make programming your smart thermostat a breeze.

Get Energy Usage Reports

If you’re curious about how much energy you’ve been using lately, you can access reports through the smart thermostat app. Look up how long it takes your house to heat up, what time of day your energy use is highest, your usage over time, and how your bills compare to other users. The reports even provide ideas to help you reduce your utility costs.

Track the Weather

Wi-Fi thermostats have internet access, which means they can alert you when heat waves or cold fronts are approaching. This allows your thermostat to tailor the indoor temperature based on the weather for peak performance and energy savings—no extra effort required.

Installing a Wi-Fi thermostat is a great addition to any HVAC system. If you’re ready to upgrade, choose Meadow Air for smart thermostat installation. We are an experienced HVAC company serving Buckeye, Maricopa County, and the entire West Valley area. Turn to us for all the HVAC services you need, including heating and cooling installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. For your free service estimate, please call us at (602) 812-0648 or contact us online today.