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Don’t Let the Arizona Heat Get the Best Of You

When the summer weather starts bearing down, you don’t want to be left short of cool, comfortable air inside your home. Meadow Air is here to help you stay a step ahead of the Arizona heat with a full range of top-quality AC services in the Valley. Our team of professionals is equipped with state-of-the-art HVAC techniques and industry-leading experience to handle all your air conditioning needs. Don’t end up sweating over AC problems this summer.

Close up hand and remote control air condition.

A Comprehensive Range of Air Conditioning Solutions

Let us help make your home a pleasant place to hang out during Arizona’s hot summers with our dependable cooling system installations, replacements, preventative maintenance, and around-the-clock emergency AC repair. We guarantee the lowest prices and offer financing options on new, brand-name HVAC units. Meadow Air’s AC specialists are Class A licensed and ready to install, repair, and protect your cooling system. Our range of air conditioning solutions will provide you with the ultimate advantage – comfort and peace of mind.


We will provide a thorough exam and determine whether your unit needs repairs, maintenance, or replacement. Our skilled technicians have been trained to install the highest-rated systems.

Repairs and Maintenance

Not only will we keep everything running at total capacity, but we will offer insight into what you can do to keep your unit maintained between visits. We provide same-day service, extended summer hours, and service on holidays and weekends for emergencies. Our specialists have the knowledge to handle systems of any age.

Air Quality

Avoid common household allergens with a scheduled duct cleaning and filter replacements. Consider additional features such as adding an air purifier.

Is Your System in Need of an Upgrade? Go Ductless

If your current AC system needs an update, upgrading to the more advanced ductless system is worth your consideration. Ductless air conditioning systems are highly energy-efficient and deliver cool, cozy air to various areas of your home without the use of ducts. These modern systems can provide comfort where traditional ducted systems can’t, and they offer complete climate control over any specific room or area of your home. They’re also highly customizable by allowing seemingly endless configurations tailored to any home’s needs. Installation of ductless systems is quick and easy, and upkeep is far less demanding than a traditional ducted system. Give Meadow Air a call today, and we’ll help upgrade your family’s comfort with the most reliable AC solutions to suit your needs and your budget.

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