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No one wants to pay more than necessary to heat and cool their home. The key to lowering your utility bills is to improve HVAC energy efficiency. Here are six ideas to help you achieve long-term energy savings.

Change the HVAC Air Filter

A dirty filter slows down airflow and overworks the air handler, while a clean filter promotes a more energy-efficient air conditioner and furnace. Set a reminder to check the filter once a month, and if it looks dirty, replace it. Aim to go no longer than three months between replacements for the best HVAC performance. Remembering to replace your filter regularly can reduce your home’s energy consumption by up to 15%.

Keep Your Air Registers Open

You may assume that closing air vents in unused rooms saves energy. However, closing too many vents can throw off the balance of your HVAC system, increasing wear and tear and raising your costs. That’s why you should always keep at least 80% of your air registers open at all times.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

This affordable upgrade pays for itself in no time. Just remember to set the temperature back 8 to 10 degrees when you’re gone all day or sleeping at night to prevent wasting energy. Then, thanks to automatic recovery periods based on your schedule, a comfortable temperature will resume before you get home or wake up. That way, you don’t sacrifice comfort for energy savings.

Seal and Insulate Your Ductwork

Conditioned air travels from the HVAC system to each room in your home through a series of air ducts. If the ductwork leaks, heated and cooled air can escape into unconditioned spaces, wasting energy and money as a result. Luckily, an HVAC contractor can seal and insulate your leaky ducts to keep conditioned air where it belongs. This improvement to the system could boost HVAC efficiency by 20% or more.

Get Regular Tune-Ups

Keeping your HVAC system clean and tuned up is vital for ensuring efficient performance. A maintenance visit from a qualified technician includes things like cleaning the coils, adjusting the blower, tightening the electrical connections, and checking the refrigerant charge. These inspections also give your technician a chance to catch and correct small problems before they escalate into larger, more expensive repairs.

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient HVAC Equipment

While replacing your HVAC system is an investment, the right equipment could pay you back in lower utility bills. So don’t settle for a middle-of-the-road product—install an energy-efficient heater and AC unit to enjoy top-notch reliability and performance for many years to come.

For more help improving heating and cooling efficiency, get in touch with Meadow Air. We are an experienced HVAC company serving Buckeye, Maricopa County, and the entire West Valley area. With help from our comprehensive HVAC services, we can make your home more efficient than ever before! Call us today at (602) 812-0648 or contact us online to schedule HVAC installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance with our knowledgeable team.