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If you live in Arizona, air conditioning isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. If your cooling system is on its last leg, you may be exploring your replacement options. Get the most out of your investment by knowing what to look for when purchasing a new AC unit.

  • Brand: Many people begin their search by comparing HVAC brands. Some of today’s most trusted options include Carrier, Lennox, Trane, Amana, Goodman, Daikin, and York.
  • Sticker price: If you’re replacing your AC on a budget, the upfront cost is certainly worth considering. Just remember that a higher price tag now could amount to lower energy bills for the next decade or more, thanks to advanced features that improve performance and efficiency.
  • SEER rating: The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, tells you how effectively the AC uses electricity. The minimum efficiency rating in Arizona and the rest of the Southwest is 14 SEER. Still, you can get your hands on models rated 25 SEER or higher for maximum efficiency and the lowest possible utility bills.
  • Lifetime costs: If you’re on the fence about investing in a high-efficiency AC, your contractor can help you calculate the lifetime costs. You may discover that by investing in a 20 SEER unit instead of the minimum 14 SEER, you could save 30% on your cooling costs, making the extra initial investment well worth it.
  • Cooling capacity: Choosing correctly sized cooling equipment is essential for comfort and performance. Your contractor will perform load calculations to factor in things like home orientation, square footage, window layout, air infiltration rates, occupancy level, and more.
  • Noise rating: All air conditioners hum during operation, but some are louder than others. If this is a concern for you, be sure to check the noise rating when comparing different AC units.
  • Add-ons: Installing a new air conditioner is your chance to upgrade other parts of your cooling system. Perhaps you want a more efficient air filter to help improve indoor air quality. Maybe you want to boost savings and convenience with a programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat. Or you might be interested in promoting more even temperatures and better home comfort with a zoning system.
  • Maintenance requirements: Remember that AC maintenance is critical for extending the life of your equipment. Most manufacturers recommend annual tune-ups from a professional to keep the system in peak condition. This service may even be required to uphold your AC warranty, so don’t skip it!

Once you know what to look for in a new AC unit, turn to Meadow Air for a comprehensive AC installation. We are an experienced HVAC company serving Buckeye, Maricopa County, and the entire West Valley area. We’ll help you compare your air conditioning options and make the best choice for your budget and home comfort needs. Then, we’ll conduct an expert installation to optimize cooling performance for years to come. Call us at (602) 812-0648 or contact us online for a free estimate today!