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man cleaning air conditioner

We all know that living in Phoenix means dealing with extreme weather temperatures, and your HVAC system bears the brunt of it, quietly battling against the warmth while keeping your family comfortable. However, it does need a little occasional TLC, and routine maintenance is important to ensure the best performance, energy efficiency, and longer life of your HVAC system. 


Regular HVAC repair and maintenance don’t only help lower your energy bills and extend the lifespan of your AC unit but also provide peace of mind, knowing that your HVAC system is prepared to tackle the relentless Phoenix heat.

Maintenance Services

To keep your home’s air conditioner operating at its optimal peak, our team of service engineers recommends scheduling maintenance appointments to catch any minor issues before they escalate into something more serious and prevent unexpected and costly surprises.


Air conditioners consist of many important parts that work in unison to cool your home efficiently. However, a failure in any one of these components can disrupt the entire system. Regular maintenance appointments can identify and address these minor problems before they escalate, ensuring that your system runs properly and almost certainly saving you money on energy bills in the process. 


For example, simple tasks like regularly swapping out your filters can reduce your home’s energy consumption by around 15% or more. If it has been more than 12 months since your last service, it really is something you should think about. But why is that, exactly? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why regular service is so important.

Common Air Conditioning Issues

Even with regular maintenance, air conditioning systems can encounter common issues that require attention. Identifying and addressing these problems quickly will help you avoid prolonged discomfort during the scorching summers. Let’s take a look at some common AC issues and their potential causes before addressing how we can prevent or solve the issue in the first place.

Warm or Insufficient Air

If your AC blows warm or noticeably insufficient air, start by checking for any closed vents. Additionally, a warm home may indicate that your HVAC unit is undersized and struggling to keep up with your cooling expectations. Clogged air filters are a common culprit in this regard and can easily undermine proper cooling, while faulty fans or motors may also contribute to the issue.

Water Leaks

It is always worth looking out for water leaks inside your home, which can be a sign of a clogged condensate drain line – while water pooling around your HVAC unit is a telltale sign of a clogged air filter. If you suspect this might be an issue but fail to spot them, our team of experts can accurately diagnose and resolve these issues quickly.

AC Fan Problems

In some cases, a tripped breaker can cause the fan to stop working. If that’s not the problem, frozen or dirty coils, bad fan belts, faulty capacitors, dirt, grime, or rust might also be the culprits. You can actually clean dirty coils yourself by following a basic procedure. If this isn’t something you are comfortable with, our experienced technicians have the expertise to tackle coil, electrical, and fan issues efficiently.

AC Won’t Turn On

If your air conditioner refuses to turn on, before calling the engineers, check the thermostat for dead batteries or incorrect settings. In addition, a dirty air filter or a thermostat shorting out could be the cause. 

Benefits of Regular Maintenance Check-Ups

man checking an outsdie air conditioner unit

Taking a proactive approach to AC maintenance offers a long list of benefits, including significant cost savings and peace of mind. By tackling these minor issues before they become major problems, you can avoid costly repairs later down the line – and you might be surprised just how much money could be saved by so many people by taking a more proactive approach.


Regular HVAC system maintenance also reduces the risk of unexpected damages to your equipment and greatly reduces the need for extensive, costly repairs. Obviously, it is worth protecting your investment and staying ahead of potential issues by scheduling regular maintenance check-ups.

What to Expect During AC Maintenance Service

When you choose Meadow Air for your HVAC system maintenance, you can expect top-quality service from our experienced technicians. During the maintenance appointment, our team will:


  • Detect and resolve any issues that may impact your cooling system’s performance.
  • Provide you with necessary materials such as filters or refrigerants.
  • Clean and unclog any blockages in your AC system.
  • Perform tests to ensure the success of any repairs and identify any potential overlooked issues.
  • Assist you in improving your AC equipment and answer any questions you may have regarding its proper use and maintenance.


Whether you require installations, repairs, maintenance, or air quality solutions, our experienced team of air conditioning experts will ensure your summer air conditioning is ready to keep you and your loved ones nice and comfortable. 

Tips to Prepare Your Summer AC

Let’s take a look at some practical air conditioning tips for summer to prepare your HVAC system for the months ahead.

Check Air Filters (Replace When Necessary)

The cooler months and even springtime usually bring a period of reduced HVAC system usage, making it easy for many people to overlook the condition of air filters. Regularly inspecting and replacing them is important for optimal airflow and energy efficiency, and is a habit worth sticking with. 

Tidy Up Household Vents

Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate in your household vents, reducing airflow and impacting indoor air quality. Cleaning your vents is a simple yet effective way to improve the performance of your HVAC system. Remove the vent covers and use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate any accumulated dust. For more stubborn dirt, use soapy water and a non-scratching nylon dish brush. Remember to clean or replace any air filters located behind the vent covers.

Examine Ducts for Issues

Unrecognized duct deterioration can cause substantial energy loss and reduced cooling effectiveness – another habit worth getting into is occasionally checking your ductwork for any obvious issues. Locate any flexible ducts that are broken or ripped, and check that all connections are tight. 

Check Your Thermostat

For preserving home comfort and energy efficiency, a working thermostat is absolutely crucial. Review your thermostat’s settings and programming before summer arrives to be sure they suit the weather and your daily routine. To reduce power consumption, choose temperature settings that are energy-efficient. 

Remove Debris from Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit requires unobstructed airflow to function effectively. So, clear away any debris, such as leaves, grass clippings, or branches, from around the unit to encourage better airflow. Switch off the power to the outdoor unit and use a soft brush to gently remove any accumulated dirt or organic matter. You might wish to consider trimming nearby vegetation and creating at least two feet of space around the unit for proper airflow. 

Pay Attention to Refrigerant Lines

Refrigerant plays a crucial role in the cooling process, and damaged refrigerant lines can lead to inefficient cooling and refrigerant leaks. Listen for hissing or bubbling sounds near the lines and inspect them for dirt or grime buildup. Apply a soapy solution to potential leak spots and look for the formation of bubbles. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, contact Meadow Airl for quick repairs.

Test Your Entire HVAC System

Before the arrival of another long hot summer, HVAC systems will benefit from a thorough test to identify any potential issues. Check the electrical panel for tripped breakers and ensure that both the interior and exterior portions of your equipment are switched on. 


Verify that your thermostat is set to “COOL” and that the airflow is adequate in all rooms. Also, try to listen out for any unusual noises from the indoor and outdoor units.

Contact Meadow Air and Enjoy Your Summer Air Conditioning!

technician repairing heat pump unit

Don’t let the sweltering Arizona heat get the best of you – ensure your HVAC system is ready to handle the summer by arranging a tune-up with Meadow Air, the most trusted HVAC service provider in Phoenix, AZ. 


Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing personalized, top-quality service and getting your summer AC ticking over perfectly. Call us today to experience the difference Meadow Air can make in keeping your home cool and comfortable all summer long!